Taylor Swift Missed Her Opportunity For The Best John Cena Meme Yet

john cena taylor swift
getty/wwe network

Okay so Taylor Swift is great at the internet. While her “no it’s becky” meme shirt may be the height of her social media self-awareness, the active Tumblr lurker missed a golden opportunity this past Saturday night to make the internet explode all over again.

When John Cena and Nikki Bella finished recreating the tuxedo reveal in Dumb and Dumber, they headed out to Swift’s Halloween night concert in Tampa:

Taylor Swift’s 1989 tour has seen a laundry list of celebrities and up and coming performing artists show up every night, from Mariska Hartigay strutting her stuff, to Haim and Nelly performing “Hot In Herre” (a real thing in 2015!). Saturday night’s show saw the young Alessia Cara pop up, then Idina Menzel dressed as her Frozen character Elsa, to belt out “Let It Go.” Swift was dressed as Olaf, a thing I know because my 8-year-old brother is obsessed with Frozen and gets very mad at me when I suggest that Olaf is the reindeer.

But lo, none of those reindeer appear to be John Cena and RAPADOO-ing out of nowhere like an RKO vine. In fact, at no point did Taylor Swift work in the unexpected John Cena meme. You know, the thing everyone was into before Hotline Bling memes? COME ON TAYLOR HE WAS RIGHT THERE WE KNOW YOU’VE SEEN IT.

Man, I haven’t been this disappointed in Taylor Swift since she let How You Get The Girl make the album’s final cut.

Maybe John and Nikki should have gone to see Panic! At The Disco instead?