Taz Believes WWE Color Commentators Should Have Pro Wrestling Experience

03.16.18 1 year ago 22 Comments

One of the age-old contentions when it comes to color commentary (believe me, it happens in absolutely every sport) is whether whomever is in that role needs to have first-hand experience to analyze whatever they’re covering. According to one ECW legend and former longtime WWE color commentator, it’s absolutely essential for pro wrestling.

Never short for words, former ECW and WWE wrestler Taz (or Tazz if you’re nasty) now works for CBS Sports Radio, co-hosting the national morning show Taz and the Moose with Marc Malusis. So Taz will never lack for an opinion, as he spends five days a week giving his opinion to anyone who will listen.

However, Taz’s opinion on Chris Jericho’s podcast Talk is Jericho is probably one that a lot of wrestling fans will be interested in. The former ECW champion believes that to properly do one’s job as a color commentator in WWE, they must have experience wrestling in matches, and more importantly have held some sort of world championship.

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