A Teenager Got Arrested For Pretending To RKO His Principal


18-year old Gianny Sosa was arrested on Wednesday for trying to hit an RKO, the signature finishing move of WWE Superstar Randy Orton, on his high school principal. It’s a strong message to anyone who hears voices in their head and then act on what they say.

Per The Miami Herald, Sosa’s lawyers too a pretty understandable tone in the arraignment.

A Miami teenager tried the move, not on his buddy in a backyard brawl, but on Southridge High’s principal, cops said. Gianny Sosa, 18, was charged with battery on a school employee. An arrest report identified the victim as Humberto Miret, the school’s principal.

During Sosa’s first court appearance on Thursday morning, defense attorney Roy Ugarte called the arrest report “hands down one of the most insane” he’d ever read. Ugarte explained the difference between Roman-Greco wrestling and the pro wrestling that most consider staged for entertainment. “Everyone knows wrestling is fake,” he told the befuddled judge.

As you can see in the Twitter clip below, “tried to hit an RKO on his principal” is pretty strong wording.

The kid puts his arms up, barely even touching the principal with one hand, and yells “RKO!” That makes it especially hard to hit the move “from outta nowhere,” and pantomiming pro wrestling toward an authority figure seems like one of those things that should get you detention and a parent-teacher conference, not a prison sentence.

Thank goodness he didn’t get the principal up for an Attitude Adjustment, they probably would’ve given him the chair.