Terri Runnels Revealed WWE’s Idea To Give Marlena A Fake Penis

If you remember the Raw that aired opposite the final episode of WCW Monday Nitro, you might be familiar with the story of Goldust wanting breast implants, but did you know Marlena almost had a fake penis?

On a recent episode of The Ross Report, Terri Runnels aka Marlena spoke about the creative meeting that almost ended with her character having a “very subtle” prosthetic penis. Because “very subtle” and “female wrestling valet in 1995 with a dildo down the front of her dress” are pretty much interchangeable.

Transcription help via Wrestling Inc.:

“I remember having creative meetings, Vince and I, probably Pat [Patterson] and maybe Bruce, Bruce Prichard. And having meetings of various kinds. One meeting, a creative meeting, we had about [the Marlena] character, was that there was a consideration to have the Marlena character have a prosthetic penis and that the penis would be, at certain times, depending on what [Marlena] wore, in a very subtle way, one could detect that there’s something going on there that is not normal.”

The Attitude Era eventually kicked in and Goldust ended up in metal boobs, a thong and a ball gag while being led around on a chain leash, so you can only wonder how long the Marlena penis — the Marlenis? — would’ve stayed subtle. That retroactively feels like a Val Venis gay panic angle waiting to happen.