The 7 Greatest YouTube Videos Proving That Wrestling Is Fake

knuckle shuffle

Wrestling is fake. There are predetermined outcomes and choreographed moments. Sometimes, guys don’t even really punch one another in the face. This is something most of us have known for decades. However, the debate still rages on in society’s foremost space for intelligent analysis: YouTube. These video sleuths have cracked the code to how wrestling is fake by pinpointing tiny, irrelevant moments, zooming in, slowing down the video and usually putting bad hard rock in the background. Without these important videos, we’d never know that wrestling isn’t a real competitive sport between musclebound men with catchphrases.

Thank you, YouTube people. You’re the real MVP.

The Phantom Knuckle Shuffle: There are literally hundreds of videos using the Five Knuckle Shuffle as proof that wrestling is fake. Spoiler alert: John Cena misses every Five Knuckle Shuffle. He just punches the mat, and the guy pretends that Mjolnir came down from Asgard to hit him square in the forehead. These YouTube sleuths have zoomed in, slowed the video down and shown that Cena never hits the move. NOW YOU KNOW THAT WRESTLING IS FAKE OR MAYBE JUST JOHN CENA MATCHES ARE FAKE.

Chin Lip Sync: You know, I wasn’t clear that Shawn Michaels missed Mr. Kennedy by a foot. But the replay accompanied by the rock music really drove it home. Question: Does YouTube have a catalog of unlicensed terrible music to play, because half the wrestling videos play this song for random.

More Like Broken Lies: This might be my favorite video of the entire list. Here’s a list of fake things about this video: