The Bella Twins Want A ‘Total Divas’ Spin-Off That Is Even MORE About The Bella Twins

If you watch the Divas division on Raw, you know it’s all about the Bella Twins. If you watch ‘Total Divas,’ you know it’s all about the Bella Twins. The only people that don’t seem to realize this are the Bella TWins, and they need something that is so much more about the Bella Twins.

In an interview with BANG! Showbiz, Nikki and Brie took a rare break from promotion WWE’s European tour to talk about themselves (gasp) and revealed their idea for a Total Divas spin-off. Imagine if Total Divas had even less to do with wrestling and followed around a bunch of women we don’t know because the Bellas think they’re important!

“Brie and I definitely want to do a spin-off; a show which will focus on our family and also includes our men. I think it would be amazing. We have this group of girlfriends which we’ve kind of introduced to the world, but not really. Not only are they beautiful but they have personalities that you wouldn’t believe, they kind of remind me of Cameron Diaz’s character in the film There’s Something About Mary.”

Check out the Bellas walking that company line with a movie reference from almost 20 years ago.

Anyway, I know that when I watch Total Divas I can’t help but thinking, “that beautiful model we saw for three seconds in the background of a bachelorette party … she probably has an interesting story, right? I bet she’s a total dork!” I’m also interested in seeing what cousin Elmer Bella is doing with his free time.

We can’t lose the wrestling content, though. How will we maintain our fandom without moments like this?