The Bella Twins Wish They Could Be NXT Divas And Actually Get A Chance To Wrestle

This past weekend at WizardWorld Indianapolis, a tiny, adorable child named Mason put on a Daniel Bryan beard to tell the Bellas Happy Valentine’s Day. His parents ended up filming the rest of the Q&A, and caught a few candid and somewhat unexpected responses from the two Divas:

“You see how Natalya and Charlotte or Paige and Emma go like 13 minutes on NXT, and then they put you guys on RAW and y’all go 3 minutes… Don’t you think it’d be a better outcome if you guys would just go down to NXT?”

“Man, if I was a NXT diva, I would, like, not wanna come up to the main roster because you get so much time down there. And as a woman, you know, we love…like, if you come to a live event, you see we get a lot of time on the live events, but when it comes to TV, we get so frustrated because it’s hard to tell a story in 3 minutes. Especially when they’re like, ‘we want an entrance’, and we’re thinking, ‘what? Can you cut the entrance? We want our time to wrestle.’ Especially after watching the NXT Rival pay-per-view, and see girls get 20 minutes? It’s like a dream. So it’s something we love and we’re trying so hard to get more time. It’s like there’s a 3 hour RAW and you can’t give more time to the Divas?”

Nikki also went on to explain to a fan disgruntled with having to keep up with Total Divas to know what’s happening on Raw that kayfabe is dead, and Total Divas is important in showing little kids that wrestling is fake and they shouldn’t try this at home. Brie chimes in to clarify, and they both concur that having matches based on storylines from their “reality” is silly.

I don’t know about you guys, but as frustrating as it is to see the complete disconnect from how women are treated on NXT versus how they’re treated once they gt called up, it’s nice to know we’re not alone in that. I mean, it would be even nicer if we could fill some of those Raw segments that preview a video of someone talking about someone else talking about a match with some actual women’s wrestling, but this is still something. Most Divas have to wait until they’re sure they won’t be getting their jobs back to speak out on their frustrations, which makes you wonder just how severe their frustrations have to be to be willing to speak up about it now. We can all look at the main roster Divas and make jokes about how those matches would be real barn-burners, but how much better do you think they’d all be at wrestling if they, I dunno…wrestled? And how much more do you think people would like them if we weren’t constantly told what a waste of time they are?

That’s just crazy talk.

You can watch the whole video below: