The Best And Worst Of 205 Live 11/7/17: Liv And Let Die

Previously on 205 Live, Drew Gulak started a war against Halloween, Rich Swann and Cedric Alexander clowned around, and there was a four-man, pumpkin smashing extravaganza in which I missed an opportunity to make a joke about someone hitting a gourdbuster.

Previously on Raw, Enzo Amore got beat by U.K. Champion Pete Dunn.

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And now, the best and worst of 205 Live for November 7th, 2017.

Worst: No Mo Zo Show

Yeesh. The crowd isn’t feeling Enzo at all tonight, and I don’t blame them. Enzo’s going full on Triple H in that he’s starting the show with a promo that could have been done in one third of time. His heel shtick was pretty pedestrian – the women are ugly, it’s rains often, Blandchester. Watching Enzo slog through this opening promo was more depressing than sitting through Manchester By The Sea.

Enzo brings out the wrestlers from the U.K. division. What is this, a crossover episode?! Full disclosure: I didn’t watch the U.K. tournament. I really don’t know much of anything about these guys outside of Tyler Bate. After doing a one by one interview segment, I still don’t know much of anything about these guys. My big takeaways: James Drake has amazing hair. Enzo thinks tiny ass Mark Andrews is too fat for 205 Live, which I know is just a joke that doesn’t land but still manages to make me feel terrible about myself and the entire pizza I ate last night. Salads and treadmills, got it.

The real meat and potatoes of the of this piece is Enzo interviewing Tyler Bate. I guess they have some REAL LIFE BEEF and that has the wrestling internet all in a tizzy. Enzo brought the intensity here, and it makes sense. He strikes me as the kind of jerk who would cheat on his girlfriend then hold a grudge with the next guy she dated.

Also, poor Joseph Conners. He had to stand out there for ten minutes and didn’t even get an introduction.

Best: He’s A Man. He’s A Man’s Man.

God bless Jack Gallagher. Take a note Enzo, THAT’S how you run down a town. Jack managed to get the hometown crowd to turn on him while also continuing his feud with Cedric Alexander AND also debuted some new entrance music that is fantastic. Good show all around.

I have to give a Worst to the crowd for all of this show. Other than chanting boring at Enzo at every opportunity, they were pretty much dead for most of the night. Contrast them with last week’s crowd, who was in to everything. Kalisto displayed some good lucha things in this match, including an awesome somersault senton to the outside from the second rope.

Kalisto looks strong going into Survivor Series.

Worst: Matches Shorter Than The Promo Packages

Man this crowd is dead. I’ll give a Best for Mark Andrews music. Pop punk forever. We had to give The Zo Show 20 minutes up top, so this showcase tag match gets five minutes. On an hour show, time management is critical. There’s not really much else to say about this match. Mandrews has a nice Shooting Star Press. Billy Kidman does not. Remember this?

It was against William Regal and someone from the crowd called him the C-Word, so I feel it is incredibly relevant to this U.K. show.

Best: Baters Gonna Bate

Finally the crowd is getting into this show. I have to admit, and happily so, that Enzo Amore is getting better in the ring. He’s developing a decent brawler style. He has a couple of decent spots – I like that corner side slam thing – and has come a long way from his get beat up all match and then make the tag style of offense in the past. He’s still way outclassed when he’s wrestling pretty much anyone on the 205 Live roster, but, you know, progress not perfection. A lot of people are upset that Bate lost clean, but I mean you have to make Enzo look at least a little credible at some point. Having your champ lose two days in a row to two guys who aren’t even on the show doesn’t make any sense.

That’s it from Manchester. Join us next week and see if any of these U.K. division wrestlers stick around.