The Best And Worst Of Impact Wrestling 9/10/14: I Swiped Left On Crazzy Steve

09.11.14 4 years ago 12 Comments
Hey there, space cowboys! A few things before we get to the show:

– I was on Aubrey Sitterson’s Straight Shoot after Raw this past Monday. If you want to hear me SHOOT STRAIGHT on Dolph Ziggler and maybe also hear my head explode a bit, check it out!

– King of Trios is so, so, so soon. If you haven’t considered coming to the three-day event, Juan Francisco de Coronado is going to wrestle Rockstar Spud, and I am going to sit in my seat with stars in my eyes and baby birds with hearts in their beaks flying around my head. You really need to see that.

– Like, share, comment, tweet, and tumbl this report. Impact still has a lot of crummy things to it, but there are also some really wonderful things in there. Make sure your friends don’t miss those.

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This week on Impact: Clowns are gross, kissing ladies without their permission is grosser. Also, a tables match!

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