The Best And Worst Of Main Event And Smackdown 12/16/14: All I Want Is To See You Succeed

When you push your Dolph Ziggler his mane will expand by up to 50%.

Pre-show Notes:

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Just doing a brief Main Event recap this week to keep me sane, but if you’re new to the B-show reports, I do a Main Event B&W every week. Usually I even do a rating gimmick where I decide if the star power of all the matches on the show, combined, adds up to a legit main event. It’s wacky! It’s fun! Stop by sometime!

Best: Miz Backs It Up

For those who haven’t been following my overly-detailed analysis of this whole Miz/Naomi/Jimmy Uso drama, let me assure you I’m firmly in Camp Miz. Yes, Miz’s initial backstage offer to Naomi could have been interpreted as creepy, but since then, even after his hypothetical plot has been exposed, he’s continued to try to help her. It’s been made clear to Miz numerous times that he’s not getting anything sexy out of the deal, and it’s a barely guarded secret that he already has Maryse at home, so the only conclusion to make is that he’s actually serious about this – or at the very least, he’s serious about saving face. Either way, he’s been providing Naomi with real opportunities, or at least that’s what she’s said on previous shows.