The Best And Worst Of Smackdown 4/16/15: Kiss Me Arse

Cena with his best “thank goodness Bryan’s arm didn’t fall off” face.

Pre-show Notes:

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Worst: Unbreakable Siberian Steel

Smackdown kicked off with John Cena coming out to address Rusev and his Russian chain match at Extreme Rules. It turns out the stipulation has already changed – it’s no longer a basic “guys can hit each other with a chain” thing. It’s now a bull rope match, with two guys being chained together with UNBREAKABLE SIBERIAN STEEL. Ugh. I hate bull rope matches. Hate ’em. It’s the most needlessly convoluted, phony stip in wrestling, so of course John Cena has had a million of them. The only way I end up happy about this is if Rusev yanks Cena to every corner with the chain like he’s friggin’ Scorpion. Get over here-ski.

Best: Unexpected FACT Dropping

Thankfully John was interrupted by the tag champs before he could elaborate too much more on Russian alloys. I always like it when unexpected guys come out during these opening talky segments. I mean, why shouldn’t they? The next time The Undertaker returns why doesn’t Zack Ryder wander out to talk social media presence? It’s never been established that there’s anything stopping anybody from coming out whenever they want. WWE has an open stage policy.