The Best And Worst Of Smackdown 4/30/15: Don’t You Dare Be Sour

How long before the un-ironic “New Day Rocks” chants start?

Pre-show Notes:

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Best: The Very Nerve!

Seth Rollins needs to start wearing a monocle, so it can pop out of his eye half-a-dozen times per show. The guy’s shocked outrage at every minor, totally normal, expected thing is maybe the best thing in WWE right now. Case in point, Smackdown kicked off with Seth being utterly appalled that Kane was on the show. Of course he was, he’s on every show. He’s the only guy with the power to make matches that’s bothered to show up for work in the last month. “Kane?! WHAT? And I have to wrestle A MATCH?! I was just expecting to hang out tonight, maybe play some board games. I brought Ticket to Ride! UGGH!”

Worst: The Biggest Fight of Roman Reigns’ Life

The latest bit of self-delusion from Roman Reigns – after his WrestleMania loss he’s having to scratch and claw for everything, and every match he has now is the biggest match of his life. That’s funny, I could have sworn he was just soft of listlessly floating around, not doing much of anything.