The Best And Worst Of SmackDown 5/7/15: We All Know How This Is Going To End Anyway

I never noticed before, but J&J’s ties and shirts and color coordinated with Seth’s t-shirt. This is wonderful.

Pre-show Notes:

There was a bit of a drop-off shares last week. Don’t take the poor, dependable SmackDown report for granted! Here’s the buttons…

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Best: All Hail King Barrett

SmackDown started on a less than promising note, with a half-embalmed looking Jerry Lawler in the ring recapping last week’s King of the Ring tournament like a zombie. Thankfully, things picked up once the true king strode out. Barrett rightfully laid into Lawler for trying to horn in on his already well-established king racket, declaring the bloody toilet to be the only throne Lawler should be sitting on. Considering Lawler’s Memphis connections, that was actually a mildly edgy line. Also, why is Lawler’s toilet bloody? Probably best not to think about it.