The Best And Worst Of WCW Monday Nitro 5/27/96: The Debut Of The Mauler

Pre-show notes:

Click here to watch this week’s episode on WWE Network. If you’d like to read about previous episodes, check out the WCW Monday Nitro tag page.

– In case you missed it, the retro Best and Worst of WWF Monday Night Raw column has jumped ahead to 1996. The episode that aired against this week’s Nitro will be up on Friday.

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And now, the vintage Best and Worst of WCW Monday Nitro for May 27, 1996. It’s … kind of important.

Worst: The 2-Hour Nitro And The Worst Announce Team In The History Of Our Sport

As you may have cried about last week (or, you know, 19 years ago) Steve ‘Mongo’ McMichael has become a pro wrestler and the era of Pepe is over. Gone forever is the beautiful, crystalline 1-hour Nitro with the announce team of an increasingly-depressed Bobby Heenan, an overly-excited Ken doll with a thesaurus he doesn’t know how to use, a yokel football player and a cosplaying dog.