The Best And Worst Of WWE NXT 10/23/14: Mojo Rawley Is Lost And Needs An Adult

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Best: Ascension Squash Matches Against Slightly More Impressive Opponents

This week’s opening bout is a tag team match pitting The Ascension against Jason “Jordon” and Tye Dillinger. When Jordan and Dillinger (aka “J.J. Dillin”) first debuted, I’d hoped they’d get a point and a pair of personalities quickly enough to become part of a resurgent tag team division. My desire to see this was 100% that they had matching gear. Anyway, they never got a point, and the closest thing they got to a personality was a backstage promo where they aped the Outhere Brothers. Dillinger’s supposed to be getting repackaged any day now as THE GAMBLER 2000 or whatever, so I guess this is their answer to the ever-present “would they have a shot at the Ascension” talking point.

Spoiler alert: they don’t.

Since losing the NXT Tag Team Championships, The Ascension have been worlds better. When they were champs, they wrestled an endless string of squash matches against jobbers so harmless and ineffective they made Ol’ Blue Pants look like Manami Toyota. Here, they have two things going for them.