The Best And Worst Of WWE NXT 1/8/15: Shah’s All That

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Best: Sami Zayn And The Zayniacs


Sami Zayn is your new NXT Champion, and he finally gets his celebration speech after three grueling weeks (of taped shows taped the day after his win). He celebrates in the crowd and gets super dorky saying the NXT Championship isn’t his, it’s ours, and that he’s in a band and WE’RE THE MEMBERS and we’re called SAMI ZAYN AND THE ZAYNIACS and WE WRITE THE SONGS THAT MAKE THE WHOLE WORLD SING. It’s the stupidest speech every and it’s perfect, because that’s Sami Zayn. He’s a dork. He’s a regular guy who likes ska and wears Gallagher hats and calls Renee a “ray of sunshine.” He just happens to be one of the best wrestlers in the world. Wrestling needs more characters like that. People who are real, all the way to the bottom.