The Best And Worst Of WWE NXT 7/17/14: The One Where Vic Preaches

Pre-show notes:

– This week’s episode can be found on WWE Network here. I’ve been telling you for a year now, but you should be watching these shows.

– The most important thing happening on With Spandex right now (or in the world ANYWHERE) is our retro recap of NXT season 3. It’s the one with rookie Divas. The last episode featured a joke contest, a gong and an obstacle course. Please consider reading about that so I’m forced to review all of it.

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Best: They Keep Finding Ways To Make The Vaudevillains Better

I’ve written somewhat extensively about NXT keeping its wrestlers fresh by having them (get this) continually do new things and tweak their act. On Raw, a character like Adam Rose debuts and you’d better like him, because he’s gonna be exactly the same forever. On NXT, a character debuts and the promotion allows you to MAINTAIN that excitement by popping you with some unexpected little addition week after week.