The Best And Worst Of WWE NXT 7/3/13: C’est Vrai!

Well hello there, (full) sailor! Don’t worry, you’re not in the wrong report. This week Brandon and I are doing a fun (I hope) little switcheroo. I get to write about people who were legitimately in Chikara without shoehorning it into the Impact column for no reason, and Brandon gets to marry Mark Harmon at the end. Or write about Impact. Whichever. A few things first:

– This week on The Mandible Claw Podcast, Brandon and I talk about the negative impact unfiltered social media can have on independent wrestling, ACW’s Queen of Queen’s tournament, the majesty of Evan Gelistico’s face, and things that are still fun if you’re not super into indie wrestling. Check it out!

– Last week my name was added to the storied list of Air Sex World Championship judges. The Toronto show may have been a bit of a bust, but the documentary is going to be rad. Donate here and help make it the best it can be! Real money for fake boning – the future is now!

– Before Brandon takes over the Best & Worst of TNA Impact for the week, be sure to get caught up on everything you missed here. The Main Event Mafia is back, and it’s just as horrible as you think it is!

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This week on WWE NXT: Canadians! Run-ins! And the most beautiful bridge in pro wrestling! Note: there is a 0% chance it belongs to Mason Ryan.

Best: Renee Young

Switching columns this week got off to a bit of a rocky start. I fully admit that my WWE watching took a steep nosedive after WrestleMania. Aside from a few matches here and there, I’ve watched maybe one full episode of Raw, and one Smackdown since I got back from New Jersey. NXT is really the only thing I keep up with. I find, however, that watching and writing about TNA each week makes me feel a little lost when I come back to WWE. For all of its faults, it’s still the show I watch in full week in and week out, and devote the most time to writing about. Seeing Renee Young, or Paquette as I am still trying to get out of calling her, right off the bat made me a lot more comfortable coming into this episode.