The Best And Worst Of WWE NXT 9/18/14: The Not Ready For Primetime Players

Pre-show notes:

This week’s episode can be viewed here. You should be watching these every week, I shouldn’t have to link you. How many amazing live specials do they need to do before you go, “Yeah, all right, I’ll watch the one televised wrestling show in the United States that’s TRYING to be good.”

– Be sure you’re reading our retro recap of NXT season 3. This week’s episode featured divorce, fainting, condescending signage and the most hilarious Lord of the Rings reference ever. Theirs, not mine.

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Please click through for the Best and Worst of WWE NXT for September 18, 2014.

Best: My Problem With WWE Morality, Finally Addressed

The opening to this week’s NXT was straight from the Smackdown playbook, and something you’ve seen a thousand times before. An unpopular wrestler shows up and acts like he’s popular. That brings out an actually-popular wrestler to say WHAT’RE YOU, STUPID, and then a bunch of other people show up and get mildly confrontational until a GM type puts them all in a match. The Teddy Long Theorem. If more than three but fewer than eleven players are present, they must hold on a minute and compete here tonight. The previously decided main-event of “nothing” can be easily replaced.