The Best And Worst Of WWE NXT 9/4/14: Holy Jeez, It Works

Pre-show notes:

– Watch this week’s episode here.

– Next week’s episode is NXT Takeover, so we’ll be doing a live thread, results and, of course, a Best and Worst Of. Make sure you’re here for that.

– Be sure you’re reading our retro recap of NXT season 3. Goldust and Aksana just got married, and there was a two part, 15-minute kissing contest. Seriously, read it.

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Please click through for the Best and Worst of WWE NXT for September 4, 2014.

Worst: Alexa Bliss Might Not Be Ready For This

Disclaimer, because people get real upset if you criticize Alexa Bliss: I think she’s great. She’s young, athletic, about as objectively pretty as a tiny blonde cheerleader type can be and she’s obviously trying very, very hard. That said, two things:


Normally during her entrance she’ll stop at the top of the ramp, hold out her hands like she’s blowing a kiss and vomit glitter in a big cloud. It’s excellent, and her constantly-covered-in-glitter gag differentiates what would otherwise be a bland, “I love YOU, THE FANS” babyface. Bayley without the hugs and personality. A prettier Bayley who never had to try as hard. This week, Bliss stops at the top of the ramp and … curtseys. The hell is that? Does she have to stop glittering because Stardust spent a month blowing star confetti into Goldust’s mouth? NOT IMPRESSED, NXT.