The Best And Worst Of WWE Raw 12/29/14: Standing On The Edge Of Tomorrow

Pre-show notes:

– As a heads up, I get a little wordy about the Bryan thing.

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– If you’re going to be in Texas this weekend, make sure to get to the Marchesa Hall & Theater on Sunday for Inspire Pro Wrestling’s Ecstasy Of Gold II. If you like pro wrestling, I guarantee we’ve got a few people there that you love. Chuck Taylor? Veda Scott? Kimber Lee? MR. AZERBAIJAN. Do not miss your one opportunity (probably ever) to see Azerbaijan’s sexiest man in Texas.

– Also we’re doing our final screening of Meet Me There before the DVD release on January 21, so if you can be there for that, be there for that. One or more guys who paint themselves gold and wear shiny bodysuits for a living will be in attendance. Smackdown’s in town the night before, so even I don’t know who all’s coming. Dean Ambrose could pop out of a giant tub of popcorn for all I know.

Please click through for the final Best and Worst of WWE Raw of the 2014.

Worst: Edge And Christian

I give wrestling fans a lot of grief for not remembering anything or understanding characters, but if you think about it, it makes sense. WWE doesn’t remember anything or understand their characters, either. FROM YOU, ALL RIGHT? I LEARNED IT BY WATCHING YOU.