The Best And Worst Of WWE Raw 1/5/15: Every Night Is John Cena Appreciation Night

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01.06.15 130 Comments
Pre-show notes:

– 2014 is dead! Welcome to the new 2014.

– If Raw’s been frustrating you lately, I’d suggest taking a break from it and checking out Beyond Wrestling’s #RAWlternative show. On January 19th they’re spending all 3 hours of Raw streaming some of the best independent wrestling matches from promotions around the country — for free — online. It costs nothing and helps promote a great cause, which is more “support pro wrestling” and less “f*ck WWE.” If we spent one night watching that instead of this, we could probably make a difference. And hell, worst case scenario I have to watch Raw anyway and you can read about it here. So if you wanna help out, head over to the Facebook page and say you’re “going.”

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Please click through for the Best and Worst of WWE Raw for January 5, 2015.

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