The Best And Worst Of WWE Smackdown Live 5/23/17: Backlash Backlash

05.24.17 2 years ago 45 Comments

Hey Blue Team,

Overall I really enjoyed this week’s Smackdown Live. Breezango continues to entertain, the novelty of having Nakamura on the blue brand hasn’t worn off for me yet, and best of all, no Randy Orton. If you liked Backlash than boy was Smackdown the show for you. Every match on the show was some kind of Backlash rematch.

Is anybody else starting to get worried about Rusev? Two weeks ago he skyped into the show to let Shane McMahon know that he would be on the next episode but he hasn’t been seen or heard from since. Where is he? Is he okay? I hope he didn’t get caught up in anything bad. I know he has close ties with the Russians.

This was the first week of the USA network using picture in picture to show us at home what’s happening in the matches during the commercial breaks. They have done this in the past but according to reports this is the first of it now being a weekly thing. I do not care for it. I find it distracting and just too much. It feels like I’m being bombarded with content. It’s kind of nauseating. Not only is it a little hard to watch but it also kind of messes with the timing of the matches.

The women’s tag match felt a little too long to me because of sticking with it during the commercial breaks. I may have to keep fast forwarding through the commercial even if they keep the matches going.

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