The Best WWE Factions Of The Last 10 Years

10.13.17 8 months ago 25 Comments

No one is happier about The Shield reunion than this site right ‘chere and you know it’s true. It’s damn true. Hey, Kurt Angle is the Raw GM, so he gets partial credit for allowing it to happen, yeah? In celebration of the Hounds Of Justice being let off the leash again, let us take a trip in the slightly-way-back machine and review some of best WWE factions from the past decade.

The Authority


I know, I know. I know. They stuck around in storyline for way too long and we’re all one USA junior executive note from them coming back, but credit where credit is due. Put simply: The Authority worked.

Without The Authority, we don’t get Main Event Wrestlemania Champion Daniel Bryan and The Yes Movement. Without The Authority, we don’t get the Evolution Reunion (minus The Nature Boy, but nobody’s perfect.) Without The Authority, we don’t get J and J Security and Brock Lesnar going all Binwin Bronzebottom on a cherry red Caddy on RAW. Without The Authority, we don’t get “There’s always a Plan B.”

Without The Authority, The Shield couldn’t reunite. It’s just the facts.

We always say that the best gimmicks are the ones where wrestlers just play themselves cranked to (Nigel Tufnel Voice) “11.” Is there any doubt that anyone in The Authority was doing anything other than that?

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