The Big Show Finally Admitted He And Brock Lesnar Didn’t ‘Break The Ring’

When you run through iconic moments in wrestling, Big Show getting superplexed by Brock Lesnar and breaking the ring is always going to make the highlight reel, probably somewhere in between ECW fans burying Public Enemy with chairs they had tossed into the ring, and WCW fans tossing garbage into the ring.

Now, your first reaction might be “man, why do wrestling fans love throwing sh*t? After that, it’s probably going to be “wait…people thought that was real?” Well, had you asked Big Show about that memorable moment from a SmackDown episode in 2003, he would have assured you that it was as real as Kurt Angle likes to say stuff is. That is, until his recent appearance on Chris Jericho’s podcast.

Transcription via Sports Illustrated:

“We did a spot right before we broke the ring where we’re both down and they shoot a real close-up of both of us selling. Well in that time, [WWE Stunt Coordinator] Ellis [Edwards] had airbags under the ring. So they had lifted the ring a couple inches. So now, when I’m standing on that top corner, that ring is like standing on marbles. Because it’s moving. Of course now I’ve got my fat ass up in the air, 500 pounds on a not very stable surface… So then the ring broke. I just remember when it happened because… you don’t know how the stunt is going to look. But man, it was so perfectly timed the way we did it and Ellis did a great job of setting up. That thing collapsed and everybody they bought it so long.

“And this is the first time out all the interviews I’ve ever done, I’ve admitted the truth that that was a rigged angle. On hundreds of interviews, I have lied right through my teeth and said it’s a shoot. But if you get a chance to suspend people’s reality just for an instant, for a second, it’s good for them.”

I dunno about you guys, but I kinda love that Show stayed so committed to kayfabe. Everyone always wants the dirt — especially shoot interviews that are almost always just as worked as any storyline — but really holding on to that suspension of disbelief isn’t something we get to see a lot. Truth be told, I’m kinda bummed he admitted it. I mean, what’s next? You’re gonna tell me that there are TWO Sin Caras? That gravity remembers Neville, he just doesn’t like him all that much? That Hornswoggle really was the Anonymous Raw General Manager? OK, that last one is still impossible. But dang, let us have a little bit of magic now and again.