The Day The Music Died: Former WWE Diva Jillian Hall Has Been Arrested For DUI

Sad news out of Orange County, Florida, this morning as former WWE Divas Champion Jillian Hall — yes, she was Divas Champion — has been arrested for DUI. Jillian’s blood alcohol level was higher than 0.20, and she was released on $500 bond.

The arrest took place on April 10th, and on April 14th Hall plead “not guilty” to the charge in writing. A pre-trial conference is set for May 14th, and will determine whether or not a trial is necessary. Hopefully she’ll beat the charge with a song.

Jillian had a long run with WWE, lasting from 2003-2010. Here’s her mugshot, courtesy of the Orange County Sheriff Office. If you’re wondering where her old mole went, you … don’t want to know.