The Internet Had A Lot Of Fun With JBL’s $9.99 Sign

If you watched last night’s Monday Night Raw, you were inundated with shills for the WWE Network. The six-month commitment for the network’s first subscribers is coming up soon, and WWE’s so terrified of the number going down that they’re cramming in a “WWE NETWORK IS A GREAT DEAL AT $9.99” before, during and after every sentence. It’s maddening.

The highlight was JBL writing “$9.99” on a piece of paper and holding it up in front of Michael Cole’s face, in case any deaf people at home didn’t have their closed captioning turned on and had been watching the show in peace. BECAUSE THE INTERNET, Reddit has spent all night and most of the morning photoshopping Dickbutts onto it. The complete collection is here, but here are a few of my favorites. Maggle.