The Internet Is Dancing On TNA Impact’s Grave With #TNAGOTCANCELLEDBECAUSE

I’m sure there are going to be plenty of people writing poignant articles about the real mistakes TNA made that led to its demise. I personally stopped watching with any consistency after Kurt Angle showed up fresh from the dead wrestler watch list and beat Samoa Joe in his first match. And I was sure the company would go under after Jeff Hardy pulled an Eddie Kane on a live pay-per-view. But alas, the Titanic kept chugging along until it got put out of its misery last night with Impact being dropped from Spike TV.

As for all of those thoughtful articles about the reasons Impact is dead? This isn’t it. This is about the lulz as Twitter gathered a bunch of botches and bad decisions for #TNAGotCancelledBecause and it’s remarkable.

R.I.P. TNA. I’m going to go knock out a referee in your honor.