The New Day Once Again Had The Best Halloween Costumes In WWE

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10.31.17 10 Comments

The New Day have for some time now had a well-deserved and hard-earned reputation for busting out the best costumes and cultural references of everyone in WWE. If you might recall last Halloween, the trio nearly broke the internet (or at least Twitter) when they paid tribute to Charles Wright by dressing up as three of his personae: Papa Shango, Kama Mustafa, and The Godfather.

With Smackdown Live actually airing ON Halloween this year, and being Halloween Havoc-themed, it was perhaps no surprise that the most popular trio in the entire company (sorry Miz-Tourage) would look to outdo themselves. Could they top last year’s Halloween costumes, or perhaps their WrestleMania turns as Saiyans, or denizens of Final Fantasy?

Yes. Yes, they could.

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