The Over/Under On Lucha Underground Episode 16: Arrow Star

Pre-show notes:

– In case you always skip the pre-show notes and still haven’t picked up on this, there are now legal ways to watch Lucha Underground online. You can check out the UniMas website for episodes streaming in Spanish or find El Rey Network on Sling TV for the English language version.

– If you’d like to read about previous episodes or catch up on the latest Temple news and gossip, head over to the Lucha Underground tag page.

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Please click through for the Over/Under on Lucha Underground episode 16 from February 25, 2015.

Under: When Atmosphere And Expectations Overshadow Matches

So this week’s first match is Aero Star and Drago in a rematch from a few weeks ago. That match ended in a show of respect (between a dragon and an astronaut), and so does this one.