The Over/Under On Lucha Underground Episode 23: Shooting Stars

Pre-show notes:

– In case you always skip the pre-show notes and still haven’t picked up on this, there are now legal ways to watch Lucha Underground online. You can check out the UniMas website for episodes streaming in Spanish or find El Rey Network on Sling TV for the English language version. Watch this show!

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And now, the Over/Under on Lucha Underground episode 23 from April 15, 2015.

Over: Omnipresent Dario Cueto

Earlier today on Twitter, somebody asked me if I liked NXT or Lucha Underground better. I didn’t answer, because the answer varies. That said, this week’s NXT opened with Solomon Crowe wrestling CJ Parker. This week’s Lucha Underground opened with Aero Star standing outside of The Temple staring up at the heavens to help him find a way to defeat Drago in the 5th match of their Best-of-5 series, and Dario Cueto creeping up behind him to be the devil on his shoulder and condescendingly tell him he hopes he sees a shooting star. So, to answer your question, Lucha Underground.