The Randy Orton RKO Vines, Now Guest Starring Stone Cold Steve Austin

Yesterday we shared some of our favorite “RKO Vines,” short clips of people falling down and hurting themselves with Randy Orton crudely pasted into them. A few hours later, every blog in the universe was sharing them, and now they’re claimed, watermarked, and monetized for Deadspin consumption. Anybody done a Gangnam Style parody of the RKO Vines yet?

Here’s a compilation video, in case you missed them:

Also, today we’ve added a new character: Stone Cold Steve Austin. Here’s Austin Stunnering someone off the roof of their house …

… and the inevitable Orton/Austin crossover event.

Next week Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler will acknowledge them on commentary, and that’ll be it. Someone should dub unrelated Jim Ross commentary over the already-existing Jim Ross commentary for MAXIMUM INTERNET.