This Fan Crying Because The Rock Wasn’t There After Her Mouth Surgery Is All Of Us


There are two things we know for certain in this life: that The Rock is the best person you can imagine, and that if you’re ever loopy from anesthesia, someone will be there to film you on their camera phone and embarrass you on the internet forever. Today, we are pleased to bring you a story that combines both!

A Rock fan named Becki was apparently recovering from some pretty intense anesthesia following oral surgery when her friend captured her being borderline inconsolable that Moana is not out yet. We totally feel you, Becki.

A short time later, she was crying because The Rock was not there to comfort her. Man if I had a nickel for every time I’ve cried for the exact same reason … you don’t even know. She eventually recovered enough to get it together … and watch some Rock movies to pick herself up.

But since The Rock is The Rock, he himself got a huge kick out of the videos and sent her a couple pick-me-up tweets … and remains the best.

And don’t worry, everyone. Becki has seen the Rock’s tweets.

Now we just need Lin-Manuel Miranda to weigh in on the situation and everyone’s life will be complete. Maybe he’ll write her a little ditty about how that anesthetic turned her world upside down. Thank goodness Becki’s friend was in the room where it happened.