The Rock Just Can’t Stop Himself From Trying To Help Rescue Puppies

It looks like Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson never skips two things: leg day, and the opportunity to help save a dog in need. Back in September, Johnson had to jump in his pool to rescue his newly adopted French Bulldog puppy Brutus from drowning. Sadly, Brutus had to be put down not long after that when the curious pup ate poisonous mushrooms. Despite that, The Rock is still trying his best to lend a hand where he can.

During the last week of November, Michelle Trachtenberg (from Gossip Girl if you’re young, from Buffy: The Vampire Slayer if you’re old) took to Twitter to alert The Rock to a rescue dog named after him who was in desperate need of financial help:


The 4 month old had been dumped at North Central Shelter in Los Angeles with a large metal wire wrapped around his mouth. Once the wire was removed and 17 stitches were put in, the pup was taken in by Saving SPOT, a rescue organization that gave him his celebrity name.

Along with the wire ordeal, it was discovered that Dwayne the dog also had a dangerous heart murmur and needed a cardio exam.

The Rock helped push the GoFundMe account over its goal, making sure that not only would puppy Dwayne get his surgery, but the remaining funds will help the more than 60 rescue dogs SPOT takes care of.

Wait a minute, I feel like there’s a GIF for this…

Ahh, there we go.