The Rock In ‘Star Trek’ And Other Pro Wrestling Cameos You May Have Missed

As a cross-promotional tool, pro wrestlers have popped up in various mediums for years, from TV, to film, to even music (ahem… John Cena). While this isn’t every time a wrestler appeared on some sort of program, these are times you may have forgotten that you saw a World Champion dressed like a fool and playing a ridiculous character (I’m looking at you, Undertaker). Here are 10 cameos by pro wrestlers that you may have missed…

Shawn Michaels in Baywatch

Superkick someone already!

Terry Funk in Over the Top

Funk deserved better.

Stone Cold Steve Austin in Dilbert

Stone Cold as a judge. Thank you, Dilbert.

Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, Randy Savage, Vader, and Kevin Sullivan in Baywatch

Definitely embarrassing.

Bret Hart in Lonesome Dove

His acting was just as good as it was in the ring: bland and unbelievable.

Edge in Haven

Not bad Copeland, not bad.

The Undertaker in Poltergeist: The Legacy

Yes, this was actually a TV show

Kevin Nash in Sabrina, the Teenage Witch

At least it wasn’t as bad as his Oz gimmick.

Mick Foley on 30 Rock

Foley is great in anything he does.

The Rock on Star Trek: Voyager

The precursor to the money machine he is now.