The Rock Is Launching His Own YouTube Channel To Maintain His Total Social Media Domination

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is looking to expand his dominant social media presence by taking the next logical step: his very own YouTube channel.

It seems that The Rock and his Seven Bucks digital production studio are taking the “Poochie” approach to expanding his brand. When The Rock isn’t on screen, all the other characters should be asking “Where’s The Rock?”

Said Johnson via press release:

Other than my family, social media is my strongest relationship and it’s allowed me to connect on a very direct and personal level with fans globally. We’re thrilled to partner with the world-class team at Studio71 to deliver cool, compelling and entertaining content for audiences around the world to enjoy.

Johnson, of course, took to Instagram to make his announcement, explaining further:

Here comes the best, biggest, bad ass, baldest YouTube channel ever! Ok, maybe not bald ’cause a bald YouTube channel is weird, but our SEVEN BUCKS DIGITAL STUDIOS is shaping up to be awesome.

We and our partners @Studio71US have some very cool content coming your way.

Expanding @sevenbucksprod into the digital space is a passion of ours and we’re fired up to create a platform for the immensely talented digital filmmakers around the world and also curate content that’s entertaining, provocative and funny AF – as we say in the streets.

There’s no word on any specific content, but you can bet that the dude with 100 million social media followers and what seems like just as many projects in the pipeline has — for lack of a better term — something big cookin’.