The Rock Doing Commentary Over ‘The Scorpion King’ Is Fantastic Fun

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is the world’s biggest movie star right now. Everything he touches turns to gold and from action films to family flicks, The People’s Champ simply cannot miss.

The Rock’s major movie career began with a supporting role in The Mummy Returns, and his performance earned him his own franchise spin-off in that same role with The Scorpion King. That was 15 years ago and millions (and millions) of dollars ago for the The Rock. He’s improved significantly as an actor from then to now and his workload is as ridiculous as anyone in Hollywood. Per his IMDb page, he has three movies set to debut this year (Fate of the Furious, Baywatch and Jumanji), three more in 2018 (Fighting with My Family, Rampage and Skyscraper) and has at least one more for 2019, with two more franchise sequels announced for still to be determined releases.

That’s a lot of filming, especially in starring roles, but you can’t stop The Rock from working. He even has the time to put out some YouTube content for his fans, and on Tuesday he gave us another installment of “The Rock Reacts.” The first installment had him providing very funny commentary about his first appearance in the WWE. This time, he returned to walk us through some scenes from The Scorpion King, 15 years later.

Some of the highlights from The Rock’s commentary:

  • Making fun of his perfectly manicured eyebrows.
  • Explaining the inspiration for his angry face while filming is when people steal his brownies on a cheat day.
  • Discussing the honor of working with Bernard Hill
  • Lying about doing all his own stunts
  • How he cut the tension during his kissing scene with Kelly Hu by using a fart machine

The Scorpion King isn’t the finest film, but it showed that The Rock could carry a film on his own and that his charisma from in the ring could truly carry over to the big screen. From there, his career began its ascent to the point where now it’s almost impossible to go to a movie theater without seeing his face on a poster.