The Rock Just Returned To WWE Raw And WrestleMania Season Is Underway

On Monday afternoon, WWE began advertising the return of a “major star” to Raw. It wasn’t hard to figure out; Raw was airing live in Miami, Fl., home of The Rock, and The Rock’s already announced to be at WrestleMania 32. With the Royal Rumble behind us, we’re officially on the road to that. So, hey, here’s The Rock.

A limo pulled in to Raw, but The Miz stepped out. As Miz was addressing his 3-week absence from Raw, Rock sped into the arena in a truck and used the prestigious Miz valet service. From there, he had a conversation with The Big Show about the 2000 Royal Rumble and how Show could’ve had Rock’s career if he’d officially won, visited his old friends Rusev and Lana, and, lastly, had an oddly coincidental backstage run-in with Rick Ross.

From there a lot happened, but few things signal the importance of WrestleMania season like the biggest international movie star in the world showing up to have fun, call people names, and sell some tickets. And make Big Show feel bad about himself.