The Definitive Guide To Understanding The Rock’s Many Catchphrases

If you read With Spandex then you’ll know that Brandon Stroud and the rest of the crew revere The Rock as the most important human being in American pop culture history. Not only is he on the Mount Rushmore of great wrestlers, he’s one of the best talkers of all time. On top of that, he’s introduced dozens of words into the American lexicon. To help you understand some of them, we’ve decided to break down and decode the most famous of these phrases in his catalog. Now, go off and repeat these so you can be the coolest kid in the world.

#BootsToAsses – This is a hashtag that Rock started. Did you know it was trending worldwide once?

Finally…The Rock Has Come Back to…- When the Rock shows up somewhere, he says that he’s finally there even if he hasn’t ever been there before. Also, for dramatic effect when he comes back to the WWE he pauses for two minutes and says “…home.”

If You Smell What The Rock Is Cooking – Originally this was meant to say, “hey, are you enjoying what I’m saying?” However, it ended up meaning “I don’t have much more to say so just say this thing with me so I can go.”

It Doesn’t Matter – Rock asks a question. Someone tries to answer and he cuts them off with “It Doesn’t Matter.” More important: he did a song with Wyclef based on this catchphrase.

Know Your Role And Shut Your Mouth – This is from the Rock’s first prime as a member of the Nation of Domination. This phrase makes my heart sing.

Just Bring It – You know how John Cena says “want some, come get some?” This is that but more succinct and not said in a preacher voice and has zero chance of ending with “Jack.”

Kung Pao Bitch – The Rock was at catering one day and saw John Cena. This made Rock call John Cena a Kung Pao bitch. The crowd chanted along. I have no clue what this means.