The Sega Genesis Version Of ‘WWE 2K15’ Is Looking Pretty #NextGeneration

‘WWE 2K15’ is almost here. We’ve covered its realistic graphics, too realistic story mode and occasionally condescending achievements. Now comes the best news of all: they delayed the game a few weeks so they could port it to the Sega Genesis. Randy Orton’s offense, NOW WITH BLAST PROCESSING. Randy Orton does what Damien San-don’t!

Okay, not really. But this gameplay footage of an imagined Sega Genesis ‘WWE 2K15’ gets me right in the nostalgia bone, and I guarantee you Dean Ambrose would audible gasp if he saw himself getting cinderblock Curb Stomped on the Mega Drive.

Too bad Curtis Axel doesn’t show up. It could’ve been the Genesis of McGillicutty.

What’s next? ‘WWE 2K15′ for Game & Watch? I bet they could still fit in Roman Reigns’ entire moveset.