The Show-shank Redemption: Watch Dean Cain Battle The Prison Big Show In The First Trailer For ‘Vendetta’

Here’s a good booking idea for The Big Show: have him be a giant inmate who practices his KO Punch in the prison yard and breaks his fellow inmates’ necks. Also, he’s trying to kill Dean Cain because of super reverse revenge!

That’s the plot (I assume) of Vendetta, the latest film from WWE Studios. It elevates itself above its contemporaries like Leprechaun: Origins and Jingle All The Way 2 for two reasons: Jen and Sylvia Soska, directors so talented they turned See No Evil into a legitimate horror franchise with See No Evil 2. I’d watch anything the Soskas put out, ESPECIALLY if it involved Big Show with fake prison tattoos.

“Get ready for Hell in a Cell” is probably the best WWE Studios tag line ever, too, although I would’ve also accepted “enjoy this 90-minute Cain vs. Big Show match.”