The Best Wrestler From Every State In The Union, Part 3

11.03.17 9 months ago 8 Comments

Welcome to the third installment of our recurring feature, where we will attempt to identify the very best professional wrestler ever to come out of every state in the union. (And the District of Columbia as well; why the hell not?) As you’ll soon see, some of these decisions will be clear no-brainers, while others will be much more difficult. By the time we get to the end of the road, you’ll be seeing just how difficult it is to declare one pro wrestler the ultimate representative for a given birth state.

There’s a lot of criteria, as you can imagine, that goes into determining what constitutes the “best” wrestler from each state. It’s about popularity, notoriety, the performer’s place in wrestling history, and of course, all of the intangibles. Ultimately, “best” is a subjective opinion in most cases, but we attempted to look at every wrestler’s career as a whole.

Florida. Shit.

I’m still only on Florida. Every time I start work on one of these, I think I’m going to wake up and be done with this assignment and I will have skipped Florida. When I was home after my first installment of this series, it was worse. I’d wake up and there’d be 45 states more to go

I’ve been dreading Florida, so I decided to get tough. With one very important exception, I drew a hard line and only included wrestlers actually born in Florida. Otherwise, it would have been nigh impossible to keep it to just one wrestler, and even then I had to do eight honorable mentions and limit this entire entry to just the state of Florida.

Let’s just get it over with. Everyone gets everything they want. I wanted to write this series for UPROXX, and for my sins they gave it to me.

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