The Twister Of 1004 Sharks: Chris Jericho Is In ‘Sharknado 3’ And We Have Pics To Prove It

Chris Jericho is the best in the world at what he does, and these days what he does is take minor roles in Syfy Original shark movies.

For those sadly out of touch souls who haven’t been keeping up with all things Sharknado 3, Tara Reid’s character is back and pregnant and this time the titular Sharknado will be wreaking havoc from Washington DC to Orlando. Um, do they even have tornadoes on the East Coast? No, no, too much questioning. Must remain ironically detached.

Well, in an apparent attempt to make The Miz’s movie career seem impressive by comparison, six-time world champion Chris Jericho will be playing a Universal theme parks ride attendant in Sharknado the Third. Here’s a few shots of Jericho and his depressingly flat hair in action…

I wonder how long it takes for Jericho to get eaten? Let’s just hope a shark gets to him before he starts cutting an early-2000s Stephanie McMahon promo on Tara Reid. April has been through some rough shit, she doesn’t need some dumb wrestler calling her a trashbag ho.

Watch it, Y2J. 

via Orlando Sentinel