The Undertaker Is ‘Not Doing Well’ According To… Fred Durst?

Well this is odd. During a concert over the weekend, Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst dedicated his performance of “Rollin'” (the song he performed as American Badass Taker’s intro in the early 2000s) to everyone’s favorite Instagram star with this message:

“This next song goes out to our friend Mark Calaway, The Undertaker. He’s not doing real well right now and we want all our fans to keep him in their thoughts and prayers.”

Well, I, for one am shocked and appalled. Who knew Fred Durst was still being booked to perform? And someone gathering that quote must mean that someone was actually in attendance for said event. This is a shocking development. Oh, right, as for Undertaker, his wife Michelle McCool responded with her own health update:

“Sadly, there’s always rumors about my hubby! Apparently he’s now super sick and not doing well! While we always appreciate thoughts & prayers, we are ALL GOOD IN THE HOOD! Headed to a #cc4c dinner! Don’t forget we will both be at the hill country galleria (Austin, tx) this Sunday for the CC4C micro marathon! Come join the fun, register early online & come run for our champions! #teamcaroline”

This is all sort of weird. I hope Taker is fine and Durst just saw WrestleMania and is worried about the Streak ending. If Undertaker can survive being set on fire, being buried alive and having to carry the Great Khali to a match, I’ll just assume he’s immortal and nothing will ever hurt him. So let’s keep it that way.