The Undertaker Once Had A Tattoo Interrupted Because The Artist Was Offered A Severed Head

08.02.18 8 months ago 10 Comments


WWE’s The Undertaker is one of the most mysterious characters in wrestling history, but sometimes living the gimmick only goes so far. For the Deadman, an encounter at a tattoo convention went way over the line.

In a piece describing tattoo artists’ “craziest client stories” to INKED, Paul Booth detailed an unusual story that included ‘Taker as a bystander. Booth mentioned inking up the Undertaker around the early 90’s in his hotel room so no one would bother the Deadman. Booth’s manager interrupted the session because some fans were “dying” to meet the tattoo artist and had brought him a special gift.

“So they brought them upstairs to the room and they said, ‘yeah, we got a head for you.’ I’m like, ‘a head?’ They were like, ‘yeah we were partying in a cemetery the other night after it rained and there was a mudslide and we found a head in the mud and we thought you should have it,'” Booth said.

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