The USMNT Can’t Lose Now That Hulk Hogan Has Physically Threatened Germany

The United States has to truly unite if the men’s national team has any chance of tie-defeating Germany in the World Cup, and you can’t have a country united without Hulk Hogan, brother.

The legendary WWF/WWE champion has become a weird addition to the USMNT’s efforts this week due to an image of him posing in front of the U.S. flag began circulating on social media. That’s it up there. Never one to miss a chance to be noticed, the Hulkster recorded a special message for the team, wishing them luck and warning Germany that they are about to be punched three times, Irish whipped, big booted and subsequently leg dropped. He’s gotta be a man. He can’t let it slide.

No more playpen World Cup performances, dude! And other Hulk Hogan jokes!

We will update you when Das Wunderkind Alex Wright posts a video discussing Germany’s chances for victory.