The Young Bucks Made It On ‘@Midnight’ And Ron Funches Joined The Bullet Club

On a recent episode of @Midnight, Yassir Lester, Chris D’Elia and Ron Funches competed in a segment called WRASTLIN’ VIDEOS. The goal is to watch a ridiculous wrestling clip and answer a question about it. As you might know, Funches has an unfair advantage, as he’s already a voice of pro wrestling reason in the mainstream comedy world. As you may not know, he has an additional advantage: He’s in the Bullet Club. Wait, what?

The comedians tackle some viral wrestling classics like Wrestlelution 2007’s “Dirty Player” and the AWA WrestleRock Rumble, but open with a look at one of the finest moments of the year: The Young Bucks tandem superkicking a child. If you’ve seen it, it’s magical. If you haven’t, uh… well, two grown-ass men kick an actual, legitimate child in the face. It makes sense in that bizarre way that anything in wrestling ever makes sense.

Funches answers a question about how they taunted him before the kick, but makes sure to first give his “fellow Bullet Club members” a Suck-It and a Too-Sweet shout-out.

Now all I want to see is Tama Tonga and Doc Gallows holding someone down so Ron Funches can point a fake gun at their head. Hey, @Midnight, more Wrastlin’ Videos segments, please. Also, let me play. Also also, let me be best friends with Ron Funches.