This Wrestler Piledriving Himself From The Top Rope To The Floor Is The Craziest Thing You’ll See Today

Back in the early ’90s, pre-Crisis Scott Steiner would do a backflip powerslam. It was cool looking, but he’d only hit it about half the time. Most of the time he’d land on his neck and almost paralyze himself. Nobody’s adopted or further popularized the move because having necks is important.

Beyond Wrestling’s Dan Barry thought it’d be a great idea to do the move from the second rope. To the floor. QUICK, GUESS WHAT HAPPENS.

The good news here is that Dan’s absurd, so he survived the fall and is totally fine. You may remember him as 1/4 of a phantom gun battle, but this is still the most concerning thing he’s ever done.

The lesson here: if you’re going to get piledriven from the top rope to the cement floor, at least let somebody else do it.