This Year’s Weirdest Halloween Wrestling Show Features Freddy, Michael Myers And Cody From ‘Step By Step’

If you’ve never seen Pro Wrestling Syndicate before, imagine you were running an indie wrestling promotion and met a guy who was like, “yes, I’m a billionaire. Sure, you can have all my money to pay old wrestlers to be at your shows. HERE, PAY THEM ALL!” And then he tossed 100 grand into the air and danced around in circles while it fell.

To put it into context, here’s the flyer for their upcoming Halloween show on 10/31, cleverly titled “Ten Thirty One.”

Yes, those are decades-old pictures of Diamond Dallas Page and Harlem Heat. Yes, that’s the little person version of the Boogeyman. Yes, the pink guy in the middle is Starman from the old NES ‘Pro Wrestling’ game. Michael Myers will be there, because the show is also a haunted house. They’re giving away Robert Englund autographs (100 OF THEM), so Freddy makes the poster. Yes, Cody from ‘Step By Step’ is a special celebrity guest. YES, GRANDMAMA WILL BE THERE. This will be your best-ever chance to see who’d win in a fight between Larry Johnson and Michael Myers.

If you’re near Rahway this Halloween and don’t have anything better to do, please, considering going to this and standing next to this month’s most absurd gathering of loosely wrestling-related personalities. I can’t wait until their November show, which I’m guessing features Waldo Geraldo Faldo in a triple threat match against Leatherface and Abobo from ‘Double Dragon.’