WWE’s Titus O’Neil Has Signed A Slew Of Celebrities To Titus Worldwide

09.11.17 2 years ago 6 Comments

We gotta admit: Despite having a pretty cruddy 2016 (grabbing the boss’ arm on live TV will do that to you), Titus O’Neil has been doing his damnedest to make 2017 a win. The Titus Brand has morphed into Titus Worldwide, giving the man a legitimate stable on WWE TV that even tasted gold with Akira Tozawa’s brief Cruiserweight Championship reign.

All of a sudden, everyone wants to be in Titus Worldwide. Sasha Banks has been dropping hints (and riding in cars) with the Titus Worldwide squad, so she might end up in the fold sooner than later. Rapper Wale joined up with O’Neil & Co. back in July. And a few weeks ago, none other than Anthony Bourdain joined up as Titus Worldwide’s official chef:

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